Foreclosure Filings Down during 4th Quarter 2011

California Foreclosure Filings in 4th Quarter 2011 were down 11.9%

By Scot Campbell– Source: Dataquick article dated 1/24/2012

According to Dataquick, the number of homes in Orange County going into foreclosure during the 4th Quarter of 2011 was down 2.1% compared to last year.

Statewide, the number of homes going into foreclosure dropped in the fourth quarter of 2011 to the second-lowest level in more than four years.

A total of 61,517 Notices of Default (NODs) were recorded at county recorders offices during the fourth quarter. That was down 13.7 percent from 71,275 for the prior three months, and down 11.9 percent from 69,799 in fourth-quarter 2010.

Last quarter’s 61,517 NODs marked the lowest level since 56,633 NODs were filed in second-quarter 2011, and the second-lowest since 53,943 NODs were recorded in second-quarter 2007. New foreclosure filings (NODs) peaked in first-quarter 2009 at 135,431.

Most of the loans going into default are still from the 2005-2007 period: The median origination quarter for defaulted loans is still third-quarter 2006. That has been the case for three years, indicating that weak underwriting standards peaked then.

While the number of mortgage defaults dropped across all home-price ranges last quarter, NODs remained far more concentrated in the more affordable areas. Zip codes with median sale prices last year below $200,000 collectively saw 9.4 NODs for every 1,000 homes, while the ratio was 7.0 NODs per 1,000 homes for all zips statewide, and 2.3 NODs per 1,000 homes in zip codes with 2011 median sale prices above $800,000.

Trustees Deeds recorded (TDs), or the actual loss of a home to the formal foreclosure process, totaled 31,260 during the fourth quarter. That was down 19.6 percent from 38,895 for the prior quarter, and down 11.8 percent from 35,431 for fourth-quarter 2010. The all-time peak was 79,511 in third-quarter 2008. The state’s all-time low was 637 in the second quarter of 2005, DataQuick reported.

On average, homes foreclosed on last quarter took 9.7 months to wind their way through the formal foreclosure process, beginning with an NOD. That’s roughly even with 9.9 months the prior quarter and up from 8.8 months a year earlier.

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