Thinking about selling your home?

At Coldwell Banker, we believe the “Value of a Home” is much more than bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage.  We believe home ownership offers a superior lifestyle, and this is what we wish to convey to prospective home buyers.  In marketing your home, we will sell the unique “lifestyle” offered by your property and its surroundings.

Why select Scot Campbell & Coldwell Banker to market your home?

1)  Scot Campbell has an excellent track record of Successfully Selling Homes for Top Dollar with Fewer Days on the Market.  MLS records prove he is more effective than his competition… read the details at:

2)  Scot Campbell comes highly recommended by your neighbors:  Click Here to read Scot Campbell’s Zillow Reviews.

3)  Scot has sold over 1,000 Coastal Orange County homes, is a licensed real estate broker, obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Real Estate Finance, and did his graduate studies in Real Estate Economics.  Click here to read his Professional Profile.

4)  Scot Campbell and the Coldwell Banker Network offer the highest standard of professional service available in the real estate industry:  Insight, beautiful imagery & print marketing, cutting edge electronic marketing technology, and the latest innovations & systems… including the most powerful video tour system in the industry and an online transaction coordination system so the escrow moves smoothly.  The status of your escrow, and all transaction documents are available to you on-line before and after the close.

5)  Scot Campbell spends the extra time, money, & resources necessary to insure his listings have a positive first impression.

In real estate, “first impressions are lasting impressions”.  Scot strongly believes it is a mistake to show your property to buyers and agents before it is ready to be seen.  Scot offers a 7-Step Certification Plan to help you prepare your home for the market:

Property Inspection:  Scot Campbell will pay for a “pre-marketing property inspection” for you home.  The inspector will be a certified inspector who has done thousands of property inspections for home buyers.  He will find the same list of “issues” that your buyer would have found anyway.  Finding the items up front allows us to fix the simple items before they ever become a concern for the buyer.

Appraisal:  Scot Campbell will pay for a “pre-marketing” appraisal for your home.  A local certified appraiser, who knows our area, will do the inspection and written report.  This appraisal will give you an idea of how much a lender will loan on your home and will identify potential items of concern for the buyer’s appraiser so we can address these items in advance.

Home Makeover: Scot Campbell will pay for a Staging Consultant to visit your home and give you tips on how you can make your home show better.  If your property is vacant, the Staging Consultant can offer rental furniture and accessories just like a “model home”.

Interior Cleaning:  Scot Campbell will reimburse you for ½ of the cost of a “deep cleaning” (up to $250) at close of escrow.  He suggests that homeowners clean carpets and windows before going on the market… It makes a difference!

Termite Inspection:  Scot Campbell will arrange a “pre-marketing termite inspection” for your home at no cost to you.  It is often very useful to know how much termite/dryrot treatment is necessary and the cost.  There are things that can be done to save money if we obtain a Structural Pest Control Report in advance.

Preliminary Title Report:  Scot Campbell will order a “pre-marketing Preliminary Title Report” for your home at no cost to you.  In a world of computer databases and common names, it is not unusual for incorrect liens to be put onto homes, and loan reconveyances are sometimes not recorded.  We find these potential issues and get the title company working on them right away so they are not a problem once escrow begins.

Seller Home Warranty: Scot Campbell will pay for a “seller home warranty” for your home.  From the time the home is in the MLS until the day it closes escrow, you will be covered by the Home Warranty with just a $60 deductible.  Our sellers need not be concerned about “Murphy’s Law” and the expenses associated with a dishwasher, waterheater, plumbing, electrical, etc. “breaking” just prior to close of escrow.

There is an “art” to Effective Home Pricing 

Scot Campbell was certified by the State of California to do real estate appraisals in 1992.  Early in his real estate career, he appraised property all over Orange County and the adjacent counties.

Selecting the right list price is critical to obtaining top dollar for your property… It has been proven that “over priced” homes take longer to sell, and often sell for less than their maximum possible sale price because people “pay less” for homes which have been on the market too long.

Scot Campbell strongly believes there is a “correct” list price for your home.

He will provide you with the information you need to select the right price.  Scot certainly does not want you to “under price” your home, so he will provide a very well researched value opinion/recommendation which includes competing listings, market conditions, and trends in the marketplace.

Then, after you have completed all the work to get your home ready, and just before you are ready for us to launch the marketing, Scot will ask you to synthesize the most recent pricing information he provides, along with what is in your “gut” as the homeowner, and pick your list price.

Effective Promotion & Marketing

COLDWELL BANKER is the leader in technological innovation in the real estate industry.  There are Real Advantages to listing with us.  CLICK HERE for some of the details on what we are doing with Social Media, Big Data, Smart Home Technology, and Targeted Marketing which far exceeds other real estate companies.

Coldwell Banker uses a combination of Traditional and Electronic marketing techniques to create a level of exposure unequalled by our competitors… when Scot shares the details with you in person, the level of technical marketing sophistication offered by Coldwell Banker will really impress you!

Photos, Photos, Photos – We have a professional photographer on staff with top-of-the-line digital equipment. Scot will guarantee that your home will look its absolute best in the printed marketing materials and for the on-line viewers of the home.  He will upload the maximum number of color photographs allowed by the Realtor MLS service and our partner websites.

We believe video is very important in the marketing of your home… A custom video for your property will be created with aerial view (if permitted in your area).

Many Traditional real estate marketing techniques are still in use and remain among the most effective methods in the industry.  The MLS, Signs, Open House, and Print Advertising all have an important role in our marketing plan.  COLDWELL BANKER understands how to integrate traditional marketing methods with today’s electronic marketing techniques to create a blend of effective promotion unmatched by our others in our industry.

The Internet has transformed real estate marketing forever, and COLDWELL BANKER has embraced the power of eMarketing.  No Real Estate Brand or Company can equal the internet presence your home will have when you are listed with COLDWELL BANKER.  Your home will be featured on the #1 Real Estate Brand website in the world…  Our website with translate your listing into 12 different languages and will be seen in 50 countries.   And, it will be featured on over 900 additional North American websites and hundreds more internationally.  COLDWELL BANKER has negotiated listing sharing relationships with more websites than any brand in the industry, and has relationships with all the top real estate listing sites:, Zillow, Trulia, Cyberhomes,, Yahoo Real Estate, Google Real Estate, and our listings are searchable on the top search engines in Europe, Asia, and India.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury offers unmatched marketing power in the luxury segment, and is the choice of high net worth home buyers across the globe.  Huntington Beach is known as “Surf City, USA” and the Downtown, SeaCliff, Sunset Beach, and Huntington Harbour areas have all become prestigious Southern California 2nd home destinations for international and luxury home buyers.  Scot Campbell is a “Global Luxury Property Specialist”, and his qualifying home listings are featured on the Global Luxury Website.

Most importantly, Scot Campbell & Coldwell Banker have buyers already looking for your home! 

A great buyer for your home has possibly already visited our website(s) or downloaded one of our real estate apps.  Having “set the bar higher” for home searching convenience, homebuyers come back to again & again to use the easy “one click” home searches.  And, buyers who prefer to search for homes on a Smart Phone/iPad/Tablet, love to use the  HUNTINGTON BEACH REAL ESTATE APP or the Coldwell Banker Zap App (powered by ZipRealty platform)… both have 100% of the Active & Pending MLS listings.

Our advanced technology allows us to have a “virtual open house” at thousands of homes 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Scot captures hundreds of potential home buyers each month with these systems, so even before you list with us our unique hi tech marketing platform has already created a database of Real Buyers looking for a home like yours!

ScotColor-HeadshotIf you are having thoughts about selling your home and want the property to sell for Top Dollar with Fewer Days on the Market, be sure to speak with Scot Campbell before you list your home. He is the President of Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors in Huntington Beach, CA.   Scot is a Global Luxury Property Specialist,  has been a licensed for 30 years, and has brokered over 1000 homes… including just about every type of transaction imaginable.

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