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Scot & Luke Campbell with wahoo caught 11 miles from Huntington Harbour on 10-24-15
Scot & Luke Campbell with WAHOO caught aboard their boat “Mas Fina” just 11 miles from Huntington Harbour on October 24, 2015.  Scot is an avid boater and can help you find a home & dock that suits your needs!

In Los Angeles & Orange County, California there are a few select neighborhoods which offer the opportunity to own waterfront houses, townhomes, and condominiums which include a deepwater dock for your yacht, sailboat, fishing boat, duffy, or just a “taking off point” for your daily paddle on your kayak or stand-up paddle board.

Yes, your boat can be just steps from the back door of your home tied up to a dock which you own!

This web page is dedicated to helping boaters find homes with boat docks for sale in Huntington Harbour and Newport Bay in Orange County, as well as Los Alamitos Bay in Long Beach.

For immediate assistance, you may reach Scot via phone/text (714) 336-0394 or email, otherwise see the below maps for 100% of the Realtor MLS listed homes with boat docks for sale in Huntington Harbour, Newport Bay, and Los Alamitos Bay.

Homes in these communities are some of the most desirable residences in Southern California. Private boat docks are available upto 200 feet.

Avalon Bay, Catalina IslandAvalon Harbor on Catalina Island (the island of romance) is as little as an hour away being approximately 22 to 30 miles from these communities.

Below are maps and links to Homes with Boat Docks currently for sale in Huntington Harbour, Newport Bay, and Los Alamitos Bay (Long Beach).

Let’s start with Huntington Harbour:

Click Here for a list of the above Huntington Harbour Homes with Boat Docks For Sale.

Huntington Harbour is dedicated primarily to residential use with over one thousand waterfront housing units including condominiums, townhouses, and detached houses. Most waterfront residences include a private boat dock ranging in size from 30 feet to over 120 feet; however, many “off-water” residences also have boat docks.
Huntington Harbour is located behind the beach front communities of Surfside and Sunset Beach. Most areas of Huntington Harbour fall within the city limits of Huntington Beach; however, some portions are unincorporated. Construction in Huntington Harbour began 1963 with the first islands: Admiralty, Gilbert, and Sunset. Additional islands and neighborhoods were added later: Davenport, Huntington Harbour Mainland, Humboldt, Coral Cay, Trinidad, and Faire Marin. Among the many islands there are condominium and townhouse developments including such names as: Broadmoor, Portofino Cove, Tennis Estates, Christina Bay Townhouses, Seagate, Seabridge, WeatherlyBay, and others.

Now, let’s take a look at what Newport Bay has to offer: 

Click Here for a list of the above Newport Bay Homes with Boat Docks For Sale.

Newport Bay has both residential and commercial uses which make the area a fun and exciting place to live. There are visitor serving attractions such as the Balboa Fun Zone and Balboa Island Retail area. Several waterfront restaurants have guest docks where you can pull in for dinner. The Balboa Bay Club and Newport Yacht Club have beautiful bay front facilities. Power boats, sail boats, electric boats, dinner & charter boats are constantly passing by… In short, Newport Bay is alive with activity.

Many of the waterfront residences in Newport Bay feature boat docks. Newport Bay has bay front homes all along its perimeter, plus there are waterfront homes on several islands including: Lido Island, Balboa Island, Harbor Island, and Linda Island.

Los Alamitos Bay is next on our list of Southern California neighborhoods which offer Homes with Boat Docks For Sale.

Click Here for a list of the above Los Alamitos Bay Homes with Boat Docks For Sale.

Los Alamitos Bay is located at the southern most point of the City of Long Beach, and is the southern boundary of the County of Los Angeles. Los Alamitos Bay is the home of the Long Beach Yacht Club, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, the Seal Beach Yacht Club, Long Beach Marina, and the Marine Stadium (where water-skiing is allowed). There are several waterfront restaurants with guest docks. There is plenty of activity, and people & boats to watch!

Within Los Alamitos Bay there are waterfront single family residences in the Naples area and Spinnaker Bay area. There are also waterfront condominiums in the Marina Pacifica development.

Please feel free to call/text 714-336-0394 or email me at  After we talk, I can create a CUSTOM LIST of Homes with Boat Docks For Sale with your specific needs.

Scot & Heather Campbell... Grand Marshals of the 2015 Huntington Harbour Boat Parade
Scot & Heather Campbell… Grand Marshals of the 2015 Huntington Harbour Boat Parade

Why should you select Scot Campbell to help you purchase a home with a boat dock?

Scot Campbell has been boating for most of his life and has spent thousands of hours on the water.  He has owned several saltwater vessels and is an avid sportfisherman.  Scot understands why you want that certain location, docking concerns, clearance, draft, shore power requirements… etc.  He loves to get out on the water or go over to Catalina just like you do… he has connections for you, and most likely some “fish reports” which will help you be more successful when you are “wetting a line”.

Scot, his wife Heather, and son Luke live in Huntington Harbour, but he also understands what draws boaters to Newport Bay and Alamitos Bay.  He can serve your home buying needs equally well in all three areas.

Scot is also a long time resident of Trinidad Island in Huntington Harbour, he was Grand Marshal of the Huntington Harbour Boat Parade (2015), Long time member of the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, Past President (2012) of the Harbour Rod & Reel Club, and Parade Captain of the Huntington Harbour Boat Parade (2014).

Finally, there is this fun fact:  Scot & his wife Heather had their wedding reception at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club and arrived on their boat while the song “Love Boat” was playing… True Story!  

Why would you want to select Scot Campbell to market your home with a boat dock?   

Besides what you learn in the “Sellers” section of this website, and why boaters want to work with Scot… it is important to know that Scot both lives & loves the Boating Lifestyle!  He knows a lot of boaters and knows how to target market to them.  But more importantly, as only another boater can, Scot Campbell understands what makes your home special to boaters and he can explain all the benefits of owning your property in a way that a “regular” Realtor cannot!

No other Realtor could possibly be better in relating to “boaters”… who just happen to be the buyers willing to pay Top Dollar for a home with a boat dock in Huntington Harbour, Newport Bay, or Los Alamitos Bay!  Scot can provide you a long list of properties he has sold in waterfront communities.


For questions about buying and selling real estate in Huntington Beach and Coastal Orange County, contact Scot Campbell. He is the President of Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors in Huntington Beach, CA. Scot is a Certified Global Luxury Property Specialist,  has been a licensed for over 30 years, and has brokered over 1000 coastal Orange County homes… including just about every type of transaction imaginable.

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