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Dear Homeowner –

I appreciate your interest in selecting the best person and brokerage to represent you in the sale of your property.  Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and it is critical that you select a Realtor who has the proven ability to sell property like yours for top dollar.

There is a huge difference between Realtors in several important areas, and I am “top notch” in all of these categories:


Graduate Studies in Real Estate Economics, B.A. Real Estate Finance


Real Estate Broker (requires 7 more classes, 2 years experience, + additional state examination)

Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser (non-active)


Selling since 1986, Full time since 1990

Brokered over 1,000 homes


I am rated 5 out of 5 stars on Zillow by customers

Read Reviews:  http://www.zillow.com/profile/Scot-Campbell/Reviews/


Among the top Huntington Beach Realtors during the last 5 years, I consistently sell my

listings faster (lower days on market) and for a higher price (closer to original list price)

than the competing listing agents.  I accomplish this by using the “7 Step Certification”

which helps my clients prepare their home for the market and price it strategically to get

top dollar.


I also help to get top dollar for my listings by showcasing the “Huntington Beach Lifestyle”

and what is wonderful about our area.  I believe in promoting our market place using

Facebook (www.HuntingtonBeachLifestyle.com) and by Sponsoring  community events:



There really is no Realtor in Huntington Beach with my qualifications, success, and commitment to my community and clients.

However, my success is the result of effective marketing.  No brokerage/brand has as much power in the real estate industry as Coldwell Banker.  Our listings are auto distributed to over 900 websites and we are very effective in our web marketing and video distribution with the #1 Real Estate Channel on YouTube.   Here are videos for two of my current listings:



For a more complete understanding of the Coldwell Banker Corporate Marketing Philosophy and what I will do to market your home, please go to:  http://www.realtydigestonline.com/sellers-2/

Finally, here is my profile page link:  www.ScotCampbell.com

The real estate market is very often in transition, and the most experienced, informed, and effective Realtors already know it.  There is no shortage of uninformed agents, and there are agents who will (knowingly or unknowingly) encourage you to list a property at “too high” to get the listing… then suggest you lower the price later.  I assure you, that is not me.

Here is my marketing philosophy and strategy for success:

I like to make sure my clients are as informed as possible on the comparable sales and underwriter’s value (appraisal) for their home before we select the list price.  And, I provide overall market information and trends continuously so that you may “strategically” price your home… and make adjustments as necessary to get top dollar.

I will not encourage you to price your home “low” or “high” because I believe doing either of those things will cost you money.

A well thought out, strategically priced home will sell for top dollar when it is aggressively marketed…  So “strategic pricing” combined with “aggressive marketing” is how I will achieve a successful result for you.

I hope you are impressed with my marketing plan/strategy, professional profile, and past client reviews.   If you are ready to sell your property, I will do what it takes to get top dollar within a reasonable marketing time… also, my team will work very hard to insure a smooth escrow and “on-time” closing.

Please contact me so we can meet to discuss your goals in person.


Scot Campbell, Realtor

Previews Property Specialist  –  714-336-0394  –  Scot.Campbell@ColdwellBanker.com



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